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Why do convenience stores break out


   Differentiated, small and beautiful is the key to the convenience store. Convenience stores offer services that e-commerce can't. The simplest example, we can always eat a bowl of hot Oden in a convenience store at a cold night, but e-commerce can't provide this service.

    The difference in product mix makes the convenience store and supermarket form a differentiated competition. On the one hand, the convenience store is targeted at middle- and high-income people, and on the other hand, the way to profit is the configuration of the goods themselves. Convenience stores have reduced the scope of merchandise business. In the selection of commodity categories, the “big and complete” hypermarket approach was abandoned, the scope of merchandise business was reduced, and the category of “high gross profit and high turnover” was retained.

    In addition to fresh food and alcohol, many candy products with cute shapes and high unit prices can only be seen at convenience stores. There are also some convenience stores with their own brand of small snacks, such as chocolate jumping candy, seaweed cheese rolls, squid filaments, etc., it is difficult to see in ordinary shopping malls, supermarkets, stores. The gross profit margin of these commodities is generally high, and it has become a new profit point after fresh food. At the same time, it has reduced the number of commodities, mainly because the operating area is about 100 to 150 square meters, and the area is relatively small compared to the larger stores. The convenience store will select high-quality goods for the target customers and reduce the number of similar products. Supermarkets generally operate at more than 10,000 items, while convenience stores only operate around 3,000 items at a time. The number of foreign 7-11 items is less, only around 2,600.
    According to statistics, the penetration rate of convenience stores has increased from 32% in 2018 to 38%, which is 3 percentage points higher than online shopping. Among them, the sales growth rate of five major representative enterprises is 18.2%, which is far higher than other industries. In the second and third tier cities, convenience store companies have begun to accelerate the layout, and the number of convenience store stores has been greatly enhanced to become a standout in the physical winter.

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